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Friday 16 February 2007

Lego Movies

We were discussing in college before a lecture the other day about the lego 'robotics' kits, because some of the lads are doing it as a module. Kev recommended a particular video on youtube of one such robot in action.

It was then that I recalled a stop-motion Lego video of a bank robbery. Several things impressed me about it greatly, predominantly the stop motion takes and the actual Lego sets he constructed to make the film. Sadly when I suggested the video, I couldn't find it, but we did find two others in particular that were extremely impressive. Links below. Don't let the amateur sound effects in the first one put you off, the other effects definitely make up for it.

"Fast Forward" -

"Fast Forward II" -

Personally I think the sets (more so the second one) are very impressive, and in particular the use of cotton wool and coloured paper for the effects of an explosion. With Lego videos in my mind I started browsing all over Youtube for different videos. There's too many to recall, one Star Trek one, far too many Star Wars ones, plenty of amateur ones (and I mean AM-AT-EUR), and the odd professional one. The best one by far is linked below.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

It's about rival clans in 'Lego City' or something like that. Like Fast Forward the sets are impressive, but in this series I particularly like the choice of music, as it fits the atmosphere correctly and in addition, the gore and bloodshed adds to the Tarantino-esque Kill Bill style of the series.

Tell me what you think of them.

Lastly, the most professional jobs done here are those by the Lego Company themselves. You'll have no bother finding them: The Star Wars Symphony (computer animated), Spiderman (Lego figures) and on the Lego website the stop motion videos can be found if you look.

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