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Saturday 24 February 2007


I had a recent discussion with Donal over lunch about crisp flavours. More significantly, crisp flavours and their respective packets and how they vary.

For instance, Tayto, in my opinion have the most well established crisp
fan base here in Ireland. Red for Cheese & Onion, Blue for Salt & Vinegar, Mauve for Ready Salted, Pink for Prawn Cocktail and so on. It was at this point that one Garrett Sykes made a blasphemous suggestion that Ready Salted should be the 'standard flavour'. As we ALL know, Cheese & Onion is the standard and always will be. There are other crips if you want Ready Salted, though they are not quite crisps as I'll discuss late. King follow suit with Tayto on the colour code front for the flavours. As myself and Donal both agreed, King are more of a crisp sandwich type of crisp, whereas Tayto are what you'd eat out of the packet.

The other two big boys in the crisp industry are then Hunky Dory and Walkers. Both exceptional crisps in their own rights but both have different approaches in comparison to the other two. Hunky Dory in my opinion are the best by far. Thicker, chunkier and tastier all round. Though HD don't follow the colour code, opting for green for Cheese & Onion. HD also venture into more experimental flavours such as Buffalo and Curry.

Walkers on the other hand fuck it up completely. Blue for Cheese & Onion, Red for Ready Salted, Green for Salt & Vinegar. There's nothing wrong with Walkers except for the fact that I think their flavours are too strong sometimes, particularly when their Salt & Vinegar can make my eyes water.

The other two areas are then Pringles and Doritos. Both brands use Ready Salted as their standard which is how it should be if you ask me. Those two are intended for dipping. Hence why they have no real flavoured taste, crisps have flavours so you don't need to dip them. Therefore, Ready Salted as the standard crisp flavour is just stupid. Doritos have huge fan bases in the Nacho Cheese and Chili categories. Pringles on the other hand are in my opinion the most experimental company of the lot with the widest range of flavours, listed below.
Original, Sweet Thai Chilli, Paprika, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion, Hot & Spicy, Texas Barbecue Sauce, Smokin' Bacon, Cheese, Tomato & Mozzarella, Light Original, Light Sour Cream & Onion, Oranjekaas (Orange Cheese) in the Netherlands. A flavour which is mostly around during sporting events as the football World Cup and Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) and is a reference to Dutch monarchy (the House of Orange), The Gourmet range (this was advertised in the UK on 3 Oct 2006. More information to follow)
Not to mention their 'dippas' range aswell.

What was my point: Cheese & Onion are the standard crisp flavour whilst Ready Salted is the standard other flavour for Pringles and Doritos. Let it be known now and forever. We'll have no more mad suggestions about getting rid of Cheese & Onion.
Am I right? What do you think?

Maybe Smoked Kipper flavour in the morning for Breakfast!



Catherine said...

I'm really hungry now. Damn you!

For me, the ultimate crisps are Walkers. Sometimes Tayto have no discernable flavor. Blaaand.

Ann Marie said...

Walkers do screw up the colours but their taste lately has been off with the new sunflower oil stuff. I find hunky dory most filling, especially if you just want something to at between lectures.