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(1) An Engineer can do with 10 cent what a fool can do with a Euro.

(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

(3) It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're stupid than to open it and prove them right!

(4) Blockwork people and concrete people can never work on the same site... Apparently they don't like each other....

(5) It's official; I'm fantastic!

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Top Ten - Stephen Lynch!!

I should warn you before you watch these - if you even bother to watch these yokes at all - that they can be offensive. In fact, it's fair to say that in a collection of Stephen Lynch songs you will be insulted at least once, if not multiple times! In a way that's what makes Stephen Lynch acceptable. By insulting a more wider audience, the stuff he sings therefore becomes less insulting...if you know what I mean.

My first experience of Stephen Lynch was "Special Olympics", which then prompted getting hold of ALL his songs. He does a mix of albums and songs he records on the radio, though his live performances are the ones you really want to hear - aka, no censorship!

10. Best Friends Song

9. If I Were Gay

8. Lullabye (also known as The Divorce Song)

7. Special Fred (also known as Special Ed)

6. Special Olympics

5. Craig Christ

4. Talk to Me (also known as You Caught Me Spanking It)

3. Superhero

2. Altar Boy (also known as Priest)

1. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Try to see the fun in it!

~The Damo

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