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(1) An Engineer can do with 10 cent what a fool can do with a Euro.

(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

(3) It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're stupid than to open it and prove them right!

(4) Blockwork people and concrete people can never work on the same site... Apparently they don't like each other....

(5) It's official; I'm fantastic!

Saturday 9 February 2008

Great Memories!

Here's the old list of memories....good times....

Here we go then.....

1. Keith's moustache that he has had forever!
2. Gerry's fro!
3. McHugh letting loose with my class saying Shit, Feck and Fuck!
4. The picture outside the Technology lab of the castle is actually upside down.
5. Most stuff in the old extension doesn't work...lights, vents for example...
6. Fleming has ruined one of the school's projector screens with chalk marks...even knowing that he shouldn't do it.
7. Kelly cleans C.D.'s by cleaning the frosted side.
8. Kelly wore his jumoer inside out once.
9. Piggy has turned up at class being pissed out of his head on several occasions.
10. The 'BORING' incident with Kelly.
11. Robinson and Hazel fighting over possession of the Bibles..I like to call this episode 'Bible Wars'.
12. We have Mooney's 50 year old jumper.
13. Russell's red jumper!
14. The fact that Russell has never smiled once...ever.
15. Moloney's haircut in second year.
16. Moloney and the sandwitch incident.
17. Moloney and Foxy and the start of 'sexual harrassment'.
18. Flood and Hayes as the school 'Justice Squad'..or as Zack calls them: John squared.
19. A mole of cars....need I say anymore.
20. The lift in the school that nobody uses?
21. The library that nobody uses.
22. Our class and TY's recycling project with Kelly and Moloney.
23. My 108% in Chemistry Test.
24. Richie wrapping Keith in masking tape in Tech Drawing.
25. Cuddy calling me 'Damon', Keith 'Ralf' and Cockey 'Michael Schumacher'.
26. Buckley giving out to me and my hand writing.
27. Buckley blaming the whole class because Cockey forgot to get a book out of his locker.
28. Cockey's magical Formula 1 magazine that gets us a free class evertime there's a new issue.
29. Piggy talking way too fast and you're too afraid to ask him to repeat it.
30. Hastings having everyone except 4 people standing out at the wall for talking during class.
31. Simon roaring everytime the thunder went off.
32. Carey...going to the tower...Foxy and Michael O'Brien.
33. The Guidance general.
34. Mr. Canovan going into the female toilets.
35. More that one woman in the female toilets at the Chemistry lab....with only one cubicle..I believe we counted 4 at one time.
36. Painting in the new extension by Sykesy's brother that no one knows what the fuck it is!
37. The bag that was put inside the glass with the statue of Mary.
38. Sherlock nodding at everyone...even if he doesn't know you.
39. 50 year old pack of cards in the Staff Room.
40. Un-protected Radon in the Physics Lab...near me and Beaner's desk!!!!!!
41. The revamped gas that no one uses.
42. Phosphorus that doesn't work...except when it took Charlie's hair.
43. The X-mas trees from the last 3 years sitting in the Corral.
44. Priests clothes found beside the Tech Drawing room.
45. Gleeson's imported cars.
46. Walshy's office...seriously....its bigger than the classrooms...and it has a kitchen!
47. 50 year old desks in the labs.
48. The Tech Drawing projects that are (rumoured) to still be in Fleming's car.
49. Darcy's shoe extensions.
50. Kelly's french inspector joke.
51. Kelly's war story.
52. Sex Education class with Mr. Moon.
53. Maths in general.
54. The corner of Canovans/Hayes' could never look there..I don't know whats there.
55. Donal VS Keith during the X-mas exams.
56. Donal's jumper pulling.
57. Phone in the locker with Buckley.
58. Richie meeting Hastings up in Leisureplex.
59. Mc Gloughlin crying all the time.
60. Eddie falling asleep in class.
61. Buckley's white Michael Jackson glove.
62. Piggy whistling before coming into the a warning call....
63. Anto Flynn's keys...warning like Piggy.
64. Supervisors: Inspector Gadget, Gerry from Derry, Quiet Please, Ollie and Mick's Auntie.
65. The door to the GPA that jams and you smack your head off it!
66. Handle falling off the door in 5th year...trapped with Flood.
67. Daithi getting hit by a science book that was thrown across the room by Rob.
68. The locker Protests in 1st year.
69. Ob, Bolgie and Richie and the Fire alarm in 1st year.
70. The ammonia in Chemistry.
71. Kelleher's phrases: 'Annnnd back to yourself' or 'It's just not TANGEABLE'.
72. The School fire alarm going off when it pleases.
73. The TY 'Garden'. (note the inverted commas)
74. Globo in french.
75. Fleming: 'Hands OFF the vices'
76. Hastings' old hippie/chip van.
77. Flood actaully going mental.
78. Mc Gann and his mock results.
79. Bolgie telling Kelly to shut up...then the ink exploded in his face!
80. Kelly and the C.D. for the French moment ever!
81. Walshy's hair and contact lenses.
82. Walshy teaching us Geography, then stealing our copies.
83. Richie and Fagan throwing paper balls every morning.
84. Hazel's field of vision.
85. The Lotto and the Dressing Rooms.
86. Fat Hayes arm pits...I'll say no more.
87. Clarkey throwing the Fruit into 2.1's classroom..then breaking the clock.
88. Our paper airplane and elastic band fights.
89. Sitting on thumbtacs.
90. 'The Joy' with Cuddy.
91. Fleming's 'open book' exam.
92. Robinson's (open book) exams.
93. Andrei and Fitzer show.
94. F-F-P
95. Lenihan on 1st year: 'Is there a Mr Donal Scott in here'....everyday.
96. Darcy telling Keith and Pault to join the Spanish Communist Party.
97. Foy stuff written all over the desks.
98. McHugh blowing the fuse of the VERY new ticker timer just after he got it.
99. Fleming stealing MY answers and using them as his own!
100. 'TELLING' Charlie to change the Applied Maths test...which he did.
101. Fitzer talking about Masher, O'Toole and the Big Lebowski.
102. Mc Gann and Dowdall....had to be said!
103. Johnny Hayes as Vice Principal.
104. Toilets flooding in 1st year.
105. Lenihans car getting egged by the Assumption.
106. L. Flynn fell down the stairs and smacked his head off the table.
107. Moloney's car being pushed around the yard by 1st years.
108. Locking the radio in the room at the back of the Ty room during Kelly's class and blaring dance music.
109. Putting the duster on top of the blackboard during Ms. Nagle's class.
110. Flood and the probability of gettin head.
111. Canovan tripping over the chair....then making it look like a dance.
112. Buckley nearly decapitating Dowdall with a hedge shears in the TY garden.
113. Hannify acting like the Grinch.

Do email me if you've anymore!

~The Damo

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