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(1) An Engineer can do with 10 cent what a fool can do with a Euro.

(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

(3) It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're stupid than to open it and prove them right!

(4) Blockwork people and concrete people can never work on the same site... Apparently they don't like each other....

(5) It's official; I'm fantastic!

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Blog Update

Apologies to all my fans but I've had much on my hands of late, be it college, football coaching, first aid, painting, etc and as such I haven't had much time to blog up here.

In news: my Warhammer Spearhead box set arrived with the glorious new High Elves book which I will discuss up here in the near future. My team remain unbeaten in the league with 5 out of 5 wins. Should you like to go see our home games in Beechfield Park let me know and I'll give you the details! Maria's birthday is coming up soon and I plan to lavish her with gifts, my sights are set on Diego's Adventure Base. (Yes it's a girls toy despite the boyish phrase "Adventure Base" in the name). In the John's the adult course has started and as soon as that is finished Paul has me set in line for an EMFR course!!!

In college....well nothing's really happened.


In short I thought I'd give you an idea of what's coming up:

  • The next issue of Grinds My Gears, delving in the vile world of the British Media
  • Warhammer Armies: High Elves - A review
  • Call of Duty 4 - a soon as I buy it
  • Top Movie Fight of All Time

That's all I think.

Don't forget to read the first Awesome Award blog below!!!!!

~The Damo

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Catherine said...

Aw, Maria is adorable!

What's an EMFR course?