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Tuesday 6 January 2009

Top Ten - I'm on Setanta Sports!!

I'm on Setanta Sports is, as you may have guessed, a Setanta Sports programme voiced by Mario Rosenstock of Gift Grub fame, which has puppet representations of Jose Mourinho, Sven Goran Eriksson, Wayne Rooney and Fabio Capello hosting a football phone-in review show. The show began shortly after Jose was sacked from his job at Chelsea, with the idea in mind that this was his new job. As of now there are 40 episodes online, with a new episode usually each week on Saturdays after the weekends Premiership fixtures. I had originally read about it in the Metro, but without a subscription to Setanta Sports I couldn't watch it. However, as faith would have it I stumbled across a video on Youtube to find that the whole back catalogue of episodes was available.

Over the months, the show has undergone minor changes such as different featurettes like "My thoughts for this week..." or "Wayne's Word", with the addition of Sven (aka "It"), Wayne (aka "The Boy") and Fabio (aka "Cabbage Man Capello") to the roster being the only significant changes.

With 40 episodes to choose from, it's been rather difficult to come up with a Top Ten of the best, especially given that the quality of the episodes is very subjective.

Nevertheless, I have a list, but first, some special honourable mentions....

Episode 1: Jose is Back!

Episode 8: Jose's first signing

Episode 14: Shock new signing!


10. Episode 30: Jose Makes a Shock Revelation

9. Episode 21: Roman Taps Up The Boy

8. Episode 32: Halloween Party

7. Episode 34: Jose accuses the Voyeur of Spying

6. Episode 35: Jose Investigates the Mysterious Illnesses

5. Episode 31: Jose and Fabio: The Great Debate

4. Episode 18: Jose's Got Talent

3. Episode 26: The Battle for Berba

2. Episode 15: The Boy is Gifted

1. Episode 6: Jose on Keegan's Return

Be Champions!!

~The Damo

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