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(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

(3) It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're stupid than to open it and prove them right!

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Wednesday 10 October 2007

Postulations - Nerds √16 Ever????

I did mention in a previous post that this would be one of my typical postulations which can boggle the mind, but in actual fact, it's much more simple.

"Why do we call things what we do????"

Really, when you think about it, why do we call certain every day things what we call them.....

  1. An Orange - how can orange be a colour, fruit, smell and taste. Should a banana not be called a yellow or a pear a green???

  2. Apartments - how can they be called that when they're stuck together!

  3. Driveway - when we PARK our cars there!

  4. A Watch - you don't WATCH a watch, you LOOK at it, so it should really be called a look!

  5. Magazine - how could it mean something you read and something that holds bullets!

  6. Mankind - firstly we're not all men, and secondly, we're not all kind!

  7. Tank - the military doesn't hold anything!

  8. Boot of a car - you certainly don't kick it and it can hold more than just boots

  9. B***J*b - when you don't blow at all!

  10. Ass - what's wrong with donkey!

  11. Punch - I can't imagine how you justify a drink being called that

There's likely more, please add to the list!

Like really, when you actually think about it, who gives names for things. How the hell did some word originate. When they thought up Google, did they think to call the website Goggle but instead some dope spelt it wrong and came up with Google, and by the time the site was up and running they just said "Fuck It". Tennis doesn't have anything to do with the number 10 in any way shape or form, scores are in 15's and sets never reach double figures! How did the word "boob" come to stand for breast, how did the word "joke" come about, was it like google where an accident occured where somebody said "He said some joke" when they actually meant to say "He said some yoke".

I could easily make up words for anything, like "Frolo", a game of polo played on skateboards using french baguettes!

Someone, somewhere, came up with each and every word that graces the English language. I was actually amused by the story which tells the origins of the word "Fuck". In World War One, the German planes were called Fökker's, where the "ö" is prounounced as a "u" and the British and French troops would shout "Here come the Fökkers!!".

That's not to say that words in the English language don't have meaning or anything, I'm just trying to illustrate some of those things which boggle my mind!

If the tone of this blog is a little strange please understand that I actually started writing it very late a few nights ago and only now am realising how stupid some of it actually is!

~The Damo

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