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(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

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(4) Blockwork people and concrete people can never work on the same site... Apparently they don't like each other....

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Sunday 7 October 2007

First Real Design

It's amazing where inspiration can come from....

If it wasn't for a can of Pepsi sitting on the desk in front of me I'd likely never have gotten this idea for a building. The simple shape of the cylinder provides the basis of this structure. As you can see from the picture below, I toyed around with the cylindrical shape for some time. I always had in my mind that it would be 4 buildings, but initially I figured they'd all be the same size.
*You're looking at the sketches on the left, that other crap on the right is just history of architecture*

Eventually I got the idea to vary the height, initially evenly, before I decided on 4 different heights. I was also playing with the idea of having some kindof of focal point at the very top, like a sphere or something, but as the design evolved this looked both stupid and unfeasable. So instead, I moved the sphere down to the very bottom, and acts as a focal point for the base. I would imagine it could be some kindof glass globe or something.

After thinking about it for a while, I felt that the upright linear verticality of the buildings looked rather plain, so I started to remove conical wedges from each one as shown.

At the moment I currently have an AutoCAD template of the basic wire frame. I'm having trouble rendering the image at the moment.

I just figured I'd put this out there for the moment. Obviously I've a lot more elaboration to do like whether it'll all be suited for commercial use, or some residential or base itself on the new Hyper-City designs.
Either way, expect more to come as I develop the idea further.

~The Damo

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