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Thursday 30 August 2007

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

A few months back I wrote a pretty 'darkened' blog about the Games Workshop situation and it's future, but in recent months I've come to change that opinion.

In the initial stages, I outlined that one of the key problems was GW addressing its proper fan-base, and not cashing in on LoTR. At the time, we were forced to endure three waves of LoTR releases, but thankfully, that has now changed.

Currently the (general) release list is set as follows:

September - Chaos Space Marines (40K)
October - Apocalypse (a 40K Expansion)
November - High Elves (Fantasy)

December - Still High Elves and Early Orks

January - Orks (40K)

As you can see, no LoTR, yippee!!!
One of the other areas I touched on was GW's monthly magazine: "White Dwarf". I criticised the magazines drastically dropping standards, cutting corners with articles and instead filling the pages with the latest gizmos and gadgets. Thankfully, my opinion on WD has changed too. The GW community convincingly agrees that WD is on the up and up. We're not too sure why this is, perhaps it's a change of staff or they were indeed reading all the suggestions. Long story short, things are getting better.
What perhaps is helping to make WD a better magazine is the standard of sculpts that GW is putting out. Far more models are now made in plastic than in metal, and as a result, the various kits are more useful and dynamic. The change to plastic is greatly due to the improvements in casting and design technology over the years, as previously, metal models used to be the most finely detailed. This change in tactic is good for the customer aswell, as plastic is cheaper to purchase too, allowing GW to put together large 'Mega Deals' like they're showcasing online for the imminent 'Apocalypse' release, which will take the scale of WH40K games to a whole new level.

Below I have pictures of the old and new High Elves miniatures, showing you just how far the sculpts have come. Note: I collect High Elves, so this is in particular quite interesting for me!

Korhil - Captain of the White Lions

I'll leave it at that for the moment, because I really need a more efficient way to upload these pics, let's treat them as a sample so.

Bow to the King!!

~The Damo

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