Some things I've learned....

(1) An Engineer can do with 10 cent what a fool can do with a Euro.

(2) "Puff" - unimportant; insignificant; unworthy of study by engineering students; waste of time

(3) It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're stupid than to open it and prove them right!

(4) Blockwork people and concrete people can never work on the same site... Apparently they don't like each other....

(5) It's official; I'm fantastic!

Saturday 9 June 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man - A Preview


A photo taken of a Widowmaker, towering above the defensive barrier at Liverpool.


The following is distributed to all soldiers in the British army, including other leaflets indicating particular weak spots.

A shot of Carriers over a bus depot, lifting infected humans to the Chimera production facility.

A photo taken by a young recruit en route to London.

In Italy, United European Defence soldiers know the Chimera as the "Deathless Plague" and in Russia they are called the "Angry Night". Reports also exist of a sub race knows as "The Cloven", described as Russian maniacs who are enemies to both humans and Chimera. Said to speak Russian and feed on the bodies of their own dead soldiers.

This is a schematic of the Chimera main assault rifle, known to ground troops as "The Bullseye" as once you are tagged by its dart, the Chimera using it don't even need to aim at you to hit you as the projectiles fired will be attracted to the dart. How the weapon actually functions is still a mystery.

Further study cannot be achieved until Britain and the rest of Europe is liberated before we invade Russia.


Catherine said...

I'm so confused!

Ann Marie said...

I think I've seen a trailer for this somewhere before.

Ann Marie said...

I don't want to clog up Catherine's review so I'll just say it here. UCD is not the best. From what I've heard it's not that great and very impersonal, not to mention it isn't exactly pretty. I know that sounds shallow but first impressions are everything. I don't know many people who have said they want to go there. But there's no point in this as we'll just end up going back and forward to no avail.