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Saturday 23 June 2007

A "New Heart" for Dublin!

After watching the 9 o clock news on RTE tonight, I saw what is quite possibly the most ambitious and most amazing plan for Dublin City.

The plans are in response to a statement made by Dublin Port that they are struggling to meet demands of the capital. The proposed solution is to move the port to Bremore near Balbriggan in North Dublin and redevelop the entire Dublin Port area as a new 'Manhattan'!!!

The plan has been proposed by the PD's since October last year and a full brochure of the plans is available here:

Whether you like the PD's or not, this is certainly a very impressive proposal and certainly one that will bring Dublin to a "metropolis standard". This is also essential for Dublin's "reputation" as a city, following the announcement by a European planning commission that Dublin was the one city in the world not to plan your city like.

~The Damo

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I can just see it now; wide shots of Dublin in moody black and white, while the strains of George Gershwin lilt over the scene...

I can't see this ever happening. Could just be the PD logo in the top corner though.