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Tuesday 17 July 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 News

Sadly, we recently learned at E3 2007 that MGS4 has been put back from its late 2007 release date to now early 2008 date, no later than 31st of March....hmmmm.....perhaps my birthday!!! we well know, Hideo Kojima and his team never disappoint at E3, so instead they showed us the first ENGLISH trailer of the game (see below). We also get to see more of Raiden in action as the cyborg ninja and the return of a fiendishly immortal character from Metal Gear Solid 2. Anyone order some blood???

The other great news is that it is
still PS3 exclusive!!! Take that Microsoft!

Some quick PS3 news then. The price of PS3's will be dropping significantly soon. After the cataclysmic failure of loads of Xbox 360's worldwide, Sony has announced that the PS3 price will drop. Maybe to dominate the market....hmmm....who knows....

~The Damo

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Alicexia said...

Yeah the only reason I will ever buy an PS3 WILL be because of Metal Gear Solid 4. It's going to be more epic then Snake Eater I just know!

-I found you're blog through a random search I did on googles blog search. Read a couple of your articles and thought I should comment.